16 July 2007

Current Hot Posts on Air

MILO: Minding your Piss in Queues
UNYC: Part 4
Mwangi: Bilas Train

In the works collabo with BoyFlani, Mwangi, Unyc and Aegeus if he gives his intern a better job.

19 February 2007

Consumer Advertiser Announcement

Do you need advice from a Has-Been/Never-was/Can barely make it now/desparate blogger?

Do you need help putting the MMMphhhh in Humphrey? The spark in SSSpark-califragilisticexpidalidocious?

Are you tired of non inspiration..tired of hiatuses...tired of saltless posts...tired of the fact that that zit seems not to clear up yet the pharmacist keeps telling you not to worry despite the fact that now it has a zit on the zit?...well that's besides the point?

Are you near the brink of retirement or do you need to come out of retirement? Are you afraid to spread your wings? Traverse literary borders beyond your wildest dreams?

Do you need a script doctor to turn your murky stones into precious gems?

Do you think you deserve more comments and are wondering how to go about upping your ratings without looking like a desparate blog-ho?

Look no further...you are what I am looking for...highly unsuccesful myself I have found the remedy is in collabos...why suffer when it can be fixed!

Just Dial 1-800-Guestblogga and we can work things out..services rendered free of charge!

Previously satisfied customers...who are begging for more( yeah right I'm begging for more!) Together we can make me..sorry...make you famous!